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Partnering with you to increase understanding of genetics and health!

GenomeConnect is an online registry designed by the Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) for people who are interested in sharing de-identified genetic and health information to improve understanding of genetics and health.

Registry participants can also connect with other individuals and families through GenomeConnect’s participant matching feature.

Participants can also learn about other research opportunities and, potentially, receive updates about their genetic testing results.

GenomeConnect is open to anyone who has had genetic testing, is considering testing, or has a family member that has had testing regardless of test results or diagnosis.

Click here to start the process of registering for GenomeConnect. You will have another opportunity to decide if you would like to participate and will not be fully enrolled in GenomeConnect until you have:

  • Completed the registration details
  • Finished the GenomeConnect Survey to consent and provide your/your child’s health history
  • Uploaded a copy of your/your child’s genetic test result(s)

To learn more about GenomeConnect, visit the ClinGen website by clicking here. Contact the GenomeConnect team with questions at

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